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The Biggest River in The World

Do you know what the biggest river in the world is?  There are several different approaches to this question.

The Amazon, enormously big river in South America, is a number one candidate for the biggest river in the world. According to the amount of water which flows through, the Amazon deserves to be ranked number one. Around 122 thousand cubic meters/almost 8 million cubic feet flow in every second. When you summarize this, it means that the Amazon’s total water flow is bigger than the next 10 largest ranked rivers all together.

The Amazon is often called The River Sea, due to its great dimensions. It is because in wet season one part of it may grow to 2 hundred kilometers or 130 miles in width.

One of the interesting facts about the Amazon  is that there aren’t any bridges on it! The reason for this is the Amazon’s magnificent width. The engineering technology is simply not capable to make that idea come into reality. Additional reason is that the environment through which this river flows is a home of many wild and tropical rain forest animal species.

If we classify rivers according to the amount of water, then the Amazon can be considered the biggest. But there is another classification which takes the length to be the main parameter. If measured this way, when it comes to length the winner would be the River Nile in the continent of Africa. If we measure the Nile from its source Burundi to delta on the Mediterranean Sea, it is almost 7 thousand kilometers long.

The Nile consists of two great tributaries – the White and the Blue Nile. This river had a great role in the development of ancient Egyptian civilization and remains equally important even today. The best way to know more about the Nile is to visit it. It is affordable and the tours are well organized. You will enjoy it.

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