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The Biggest Aquarium in The World

Georgia Aquarium is the world’s biggest aquarium. It located in Atlanta, Georgia. It has more than 31.000 cubic meters of water and is covering the area of 81000 m2.

It is a home for many species: there are at least 100.000 animals covering over more than 500 different species. There are 2.000 active volunteers and they have served there for 325.000 working hours in total. Most famous animals in the aquarium are four whale-sharks named Alice, Trixie, Norton and Ralph. (Ralph died from peritonitis in January 2007. Norton also died soon after.) These animals eat more than 5.400 kg of food per year.

These sharks are kept in a pool containing more than 24.000 m3 of water. Actually, the whole complex was built around the shark aquarium. It also holds hammerhead sharks, 5 beluga whales and two manta rays which are kind of celebrities here.

The aquarium is one of six United States Aquariums which have beluga whales. Manta ray named Nandi is originally from Durban, South Africa. Beluga whales are named Natasha, Maris, Nico, Gasper and Marina. In 2007 Gasper was euthanized because he suffered from bone disease and skin problems. Beluga whales consume more than 11.000 kg of food per year. There are five different galleries: River Scout, Cold Water Quest, Georgia Explorer, Ocean Voyager and Tropical Diver. Of its facilities: over 5.1 ha over covered space. It is the biggest aquarium in the world ever since November 2005, when it was opened for the first time.

Some of the interesting facts are that there is enough water in Georgia Aquarium to fill 88 million cans of soda. The capacity of the air-conditioning system is enough for 1200 average homes in America. Since the opening, aquarium staff and volunteers have spent 40.000 hours underwater.

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