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The Biggest Arms in the World

Who has the biggest arms in the world? Greg Valentino has the biggest arms in the world! This bodybuilder has a long career behind. He is a kind of a controversial character. There was a documentary on steroids abuse, and Mr. Valentino was named ‘the man whose arms exploded’. In this documentary, he talks about his abuse of steroids. He used to take steroids without even thinking about the possibility of getting infected. However, this was exactly what happened. His right biceps got seriously infected. He tried to treat the hematoma by himself, but he didn’t succeed. He tried to drain it, but when he saw the pus and blood, he called the emergency and asked for help. His right arm was saved, but the size of his biceps (as well as its shape) was considerably reduced.

More about the Biggest Arms in the World

Bodybuilding is more than just physical activity. Here, you are faced with standards, and the way other people see you. It has a lot to do with the image of perfectly shaped body. People use various methods in order to achieve perfection, but many of them simply get lost in all this. Suddenly, natural methods are just not good enough, so many people reach for steroids in order to get muscular in short time.

Tom Venuto has chosen the natural way. He competes in the category at four percent body fat (and lower). This example proves that one can be a great bodybuilder without having to use steroids.

Bodybuilding has become a bit controversial sport because of the steroids. Bodybuilders that use these substances have contributed to such negative publicity. Greg Valentino surely has big arms, but the price he paid was high.

Tastes are different, as we know. Some people find his arms astonishing, while others find them a bit funny. His arms really look a bit unnatural. Now, you may say this is an understatement, but we will respect people who have different opinion, too. However, you will see that the rest of Greg’s body doesn’t match the size of his arms. Proportion is in question here, but hey … who cares? This guy is known worldwide, for having the biggest arms. No matter what we think about this, we have to respect that.

If you have similar ambition, you should watch the documentary we mentioned. You will learn a lot about steroids and all risks they carry.

One Response to “The Biggest Arms in the World”

  1. mick
    October 8, 2012 at 02:31 #

    It’s called Synthol and there is NOTHING Natural about it. If you think a human can get this size naturally you’re dumber than they are.

    Wake up to yourselves, EVERY big bodybuilder has used steroids. If you watch his video you will se openly confesses to using and selling steroids for many years. You should check the facts before posting such garbage

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