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The Biggest Boat in The World

The biggest boat ever to be constructed and to have sailed the seven seas is certainly the famous oil supertanker Knock Nevis. It was the longest ship ever created and had the biggest dead-weight tonnage ever to be recorded.

It was built in 1979 by Sumimoto heavy industries. It was bigger than some of the world’s tallest buildings such as Petronas Twin Towers and the Empire State building. It was 458.45 meters long, and it had a draft of 24.5 meters which made it impossible for this ship to pass through English Channel, Suez and Panama Canal. It could go 16 to 16 ½ knots when the weather was good. Its turning circle was two miles wide and could reach a full stop down from top speed after 8 km.

There are actually two biggest passenger ships. They are called Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas. Allure of the Seas is currently under construction, but it will be 360 meters long, it will have total tonnage of 225.000 tons and will carry more than 5500 people.

The first voyage of this ship is scheduled for the end of 2010. Its “sister ship” has the same characteristics. But it has been in usage since 2009.

The biggest military ship is the USS Enterprise which is operated by the United States Navy. It’s the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. It is 342 meters long and has a displacement of almost 89000 tons.

It is in commission since November 1961, and is the second longest running ship in US Navy. USS Enterprise was employed during the Cuban missile crisis and during the Vietnam war, in the Adriatic during the Yugoslavian peace negotiations, Persian Gulf and in Iraq.

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