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The Biggest Car in The World

There are several candidates for the title of the biggest car in the world. Some claim that the biggest car in the world is The Bugatti Type 41 – the “Royale”. It is called “Royale” because it was planned to be sold to the European royalty. But it was the time of the Great Depression, so the royalty was less interested in buying it than expected and this car is most expensive car today in the World.

Twenty five were planned to be built, but they only built six and sold the three of them. Today this car is regarded as a rarity. It is also considered to be perhaps the biggest car in the world, speaking of its length. It is approximately 6.5 meters long and weights about 3 tones and 200 kg.

The production was taking place from 1927 till 1933, but regardless to the fact that this period was very difficult, they managed to built a car that is still famous and considered a ‘royal vehicle’. Ironically, none of the cars was actually sold to any of the royal customers.

The second very large car is Ford F-350 Super Duty, built in 2009. But it is a pickup, not a limousine. When it comes to the passenger cars, the 1975 model of Cadillac known as Fleetwood stands side by side with the Bugatti ‘Royale’. It is about 6.5 meters long and falls into the class of luxury cars.

Then there is Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, which is considered to be the longest vehicle used for commercial purposes. It is as long as 7.4 meters! It belongs to the class of vans.

When it comes to the height record, the tallest car (commercial) is the Rolls Royce Phantom, which is a little more than 1.59 meters high. Guinness World Records claim that the tallest limousine in the world is 3.4 meters high and comes from Australia.

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