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The Biggest Catfish in the World

What is the biggest catfish in the world? Catfish can be small or large. There are many sub-types of catfish. This fish can be very long. Mekong giant catfish, which can be found in Asia, is the longest catfish in the world. Catfish are important for commercial purposes. Many of them are bred for food. People also breed them for sale. If you want your aquarium to look beautiful, you can buy one of the small species and keep it as a pet. These beautiful little creatures come in many colors. If you have a large aquarium, this fish will be the right choice. However, we are here to tell you more about the biggest catfish in the world. Who caught it?

The Biggest Catfish in the World

The biggest catfish ever caught was as large as a grizzly. It weighed 646 pounds. This fish belongs to the Mekong giant catfish species. The fish was thoroughly examined by researchers. They were astonished by the discovery that we still have such large fish in our waters. This was the record holder, but there are more such creatures in the waters of our planet. It is nice to know that.

Other anglers have caught large fish, too. The largest freshwater fish ever caught weighed 468 pounds. It held the record before the giant Mekong catfish was caught.

When the new record was set, people became more interested in Mekong giant fish. Scientists said that this fish was very close to extinction. They also encouraged people to inform on this fish and they said that most of us are quite unfamiliar with this species.

Efforts are being made to protect this species, as well as their habitats. Researchers stated that these species could be saved, but it was important to take immediate action. The project of saving these species included several other species, like the dog-eating catfish, the giant freshwater stingray, and others.

The Mekong giant fish did not survive. After it was captured, it died and it was eaten in a Thailand village.

The Mekong River is rich in these large fish. In fact, the largest numbers of these species live in this very river.

If you like fishing, you can visit this place and see what you can catch! Of course, after catching the fish, you should release it. This way, you will help these species survive. If you have ever caught a large fish, tell us about that! Share your fishing experience!

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