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The Biggest Crab in The World

The Japanese Spider crab is the biggest crab in the world. It can weight as much as 21 kilograms and can grow up to amazing 60 cm! Its leg span may reach 3.9 meters. This crab is a habitant of Japan surrounding waters. It is exceptional in many ways.

One of its recognizable characteristics is certainly the color – its body is orange with white spotted legs. It mostly eats shellfish. It can live as long as a century! This crab was mentioned for the first time as Maja kaempferi in 1836 by C. J. Temminck, who noted that it was quite dangerous for humans to interact with these crabs, since its claws were very strong. But in despite of that fact, people used to collect them for foods.

Its number one rival is the American lobster, with the measures of 1.2 meters in length and weighting more than 22 kilograms!

Another crab is famous for its measurements. It is a Birgus latro, the coconut crab, with the length of about 40 cm. It can weight more than 14 kilos. Its leg span goes up to more than a meter. Just to get the idea of how heavy this is – a five year old girl weights around 14 kilograms. A medium size dog weights about 13 kilos. So you can imagine how big this creature can be compared to human being or a dog.

Being so heavy, its body needs to have strong skeletons, so the soft tissue which is inside it can be well protected, as well as its organs. Another interesting fact about these crabs is that they can’t swim like other crabs. They have very strong sense of smell, which makes them similar to insects. They mostly eat coconuts, but also rotting meat or other available fruits.

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