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The Biggest Feet in the World

Who has the biggest feet in the world? Officially, the man with the biggest feet is Peter Iroga. The Guinness certificate was given to this man by Chris Sheedy, the representative of Guinness World Records. Human body has always been a true miracle. Each of us is unique, but some people are much different from the rest of us, in terms of physical appearance. The biggest feet in the world are definitely amazing. However, the man with the biggest feet certainly has to take care of his shoes. He cannot just wear any shoes! They have to be made especially for him!

What Is the Size of the World’s Biggest Feet?

The size of Mr. Iroga’s feet is 36.5 and 37.5 centimeters. His feet are only one centimeter longer than the feet of the former record holder.

Mr. Iroga said he was very excited about setting the new world record for the biggest feet. He said his family was also very happy, and all newspapers had stories about his feet, which made him very popular in his country.

Mr. Sheedy said he believed that Peter Iroga would keep the title, because it was unlikely that someone else would set the new record. Mr. Iroga’s feet are really huge!

Peter Iroga is a 26-year-old, who became a celebrity thanks to his large feet. Peter is more than 2.20 meters tall.

However, in 2006, newspapers wrote about another man with big feet. It was a man who lived in Odendaalsrus. Back then, he was 24. His name is Freddie Smook. The size of his feet was 37 centimeters. He is nearly 2 meters high.

Smook tried to set the new record, and he contacted the Guinness World Records. His feet were large when he was a kid, and the growth continued. Today, he is a young man, with huge feet. Although he is not too tall, his feet are very, very large. When he was a child, doctors tried to stop the growth of his feet, but that didn’t work. His feet continued to grow!

Smook played hockey and rugby. He also likes squash. However, he has to be barefoot to play.

His shoes are very expensive, so local government helps him, donating some money. The shoes for Mr. Smook are made especially for him, at orthopedic center. The soles have to be stronger than the regular soles. He has these shoes, and he wears them literally everywhere.

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