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The Biggest Guitar in The World

The biggest playable electric guitar in the world is Gibson Flying V which is 43 feet and 8 inches long, 16 feet wide and weighs 2244 pounds. It has 8 inches thick strings that are 25 feet long.

It was built in Texas by Scott Rippetoe. He is a science teacher at the Academy of Science and Technology in Texas. It is recognized by Guinness book of records as the world’s largest guitar. He (and the team of his students) worked on it for 3 months. But this isn’t the biggest guitar in general competition.

There is one that’s bigger, but it’s acoustic.  The biggest acoustic guitar is located in Porto, Portugal’s second largest city. It is made by thirty nine year old Jose Murihno. It is 48 feet long 24 feet wide and weighs about 4 tons. The size makes it the biggest guitar in universal category but it is not recognized by Guinness. It’s a replica of Portuguese acoustic guitar. It is 20 times bigger than its normal size.

Jose makes guitars for living (a profession called luthier), and he wanted to study acoustics and see what happens inside the guitar. But because he couldn’t shrink himself to get inside a guitar, he made a guitar in which he could stand and move around comfortably. He even put his entire workshop inside the guitar. It took him nine months to finish it and it is completely hand made. Inside his guitar he can combine his two passions: love for science and love for guitar making.

The  inside of the guitar is equipped with high tech equipment for sound analysis. The computers and microphones are there to help Jose and his visitors to understand better what goes on inside the guitar and how it works.

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