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The Biggest Horse in the World

What is the biggest horse in the world? The largest horse breed in the world is called ‘draft horse’. In the UK, the breed is called “draught horse”. These horses are used for carrying heave loads and doing hard tasks on farms. There are many different large horse breeds, but this one seems to be the largest. These horses are used for various purposes, like recreation, show, logging, etc. They can also be used for crossbreeding.

Many sports horses have been created in such way. Draft horses are extremely muscular and very tall. They have quite short backs and strong hindquarters. This is just one of the reasons why they are suitable for farm work. These horses are very beautiful, but they are also very heavy. The weight of one such horse can range from 650 to 920 kilograms.

Draft horses probably originate from forest horses or Shire horses. These horses have been domesticated. People wanted to make domestic breed in order to use it for various types of work. Other breeds were useful, but none of these could pull heavy loads. Therefore, draft horses were created to solve this problem, and that is how the biggest horse breed in the world came to existence. Draft horses have shown some other characteristics, like calmness, intelligence and ability to run quite well.

The Biggest Horse in the World

The biggest horse in the world was Sampson. This horse lived in England, in the nineteenth century. It was 2.2 meters tall at withers, weighing nearly one and a half tons.

Sampson was a Shire horse. This breed belongs to the draft horse group. Shire horses come in various colors, like bay, black and gray. They are very tall, muscular and heavy. They are used for pulling heavy loads, but they are also used as sports horses. Today, they are also used for leisure, shows, and for forestry.

If you like riding horses, you should try riding one of these horses. You will be amazed by their strength. You may also feel a bit insecure because of the height, but you will overcome this feeling very fast. These animals are calm and easy to train, so there is no need to be scared. Even though they are so tall and large, they are easy to control and you will enjoy riding one of these beautiful large horses.

The Shire breed was imported to the United States in the nineteenth century. However, the popularity of these horses is greater today than it was at the time they came to the United States.

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