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The Biggest Pregnant Belly in the World

Here you can read about the biggest pregnant belly in the world. There is no any official record of this, but there are several contestants. Doctors say that pregnant belly will be bigger if there are more babies inside. If you are pregnant with twins, it is natural that your belly will be bigger. Some women can have more than two babies at once. This means that their bellies will be even bigger. It is possible that one woman has six or seven babies at once, so you can imagine the size of that belly! We will mention several women with big pregnant bellies.

Biggest Pregnant Belly in the World

Nkem Chukwu from Texas gave birth to eight babies in 1998. All babies were fine, but they were smaller, of course. Only one of the babies died at the age of one week. The babies were born prematurely. If they stayed in the mother’s belly longer, they would have caused problems, so they simply had to be born prematurely. Her belly must have been huge!

The first woman in the United States to give birth to seven babies is Bobbi McCaughey. It was 1997 when Mrs. McCaughey had seven babies. They were born prematurely, which caused some damage to one of the babies, who had cerebral palsy. Her pregnant belly was quite big. Bobby had to rest in bed from the 9th week because any activity could cause problems.

Kate Gosselin gave birth to six babies in 2004. Her babies weighed from 2 pounds to more than 3 pounds. Her belly was probably very big as well. However, Kate and John made a show and their six babies have become famous, too.

Nadya Suleman gave birth to 9 babies in 2009. This mom had already had six babies. She is an unemployed single mom, who used fertility treatments for having all of her children. Eight babies are still known as the world’s longest octuplets that survived the delivery.

These moms are proud of their pregnant bellies, but very few women actually like posing in front of the camera during pregnancy. This is the time when you simply look huge, and if your belly is very big, you will have it on camera, but it will remain private! Well, that is what most women say. We don’t have the exact figures, because pregnant bellies are hard to measure and compare.

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