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The Biggest Rat in the World

What is the biggest rat in the world? Many people are afraid of rats. To be completely honest, rats are not cute at all. They can be very ugly and they can transmit various diseases. That is why most people hate them. However, there are some very interesting facts about rats. Rats are believed to be very intelligent animals. The brain of a rat works in almost the same way as the brain of a human being. They use similar logical operations. Isn’t that amazing? It is hard to imagine that such ugly creatures can be so intelligent. As you know, rats are used for various experiments. They are used for various researches, some of which have resulted in important discoveries. Rats are larger than mice. While most of us find mice very cute, we cannot say the same thing for rats. They can cause a lot of damage to your garden or your house. The worst thing is that they transmit some serious diseases. Some animals feed on rats, which can increase the risk of various infections. Let us find out more about the biggest rat in the world.

The Biggest Rat in the World

The biggest rat in the world used to live on our planet several thousand years ago. It weighed more than a domestic cat. The remains have been found in Asia, East Timor.

The remains of this rat were discovered in a cave in East Timor. Other species have been found, too (thirteen of them). Eleven species were new. These rats were quite large. Most of these weighed more than one kilogram.

According to what scientists said, these rats weighted more than six kilograms (when they were alive). One average rat (the common rat) weighs about a hundred and fifty grams. The largest of today’s rats weighs nearly two kilograms. We consider it a very large rat. Now, can you imagine a rat that weighs six kilograms? It is like a medium-sized dog.

Today, Timor is the home of regular rats. There are no large rats in East Timor anymore. These species disappeared nearly two thousand years ago.

Scientists believe that these rats were used as food for humans. Humans used to hunt them and eat their meat. This is not so strange, after all. One of these animals had a lot of meat to be used for food. In some parts of the world, some rodents are used for preparing various meals.

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