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The Biggest Truck in The World

The biggest truck in the world title goes to Liebherr T 282 B model. It was first presented at the construction and mining fair in Munich, Germany in 2004. It is used in mining and surface excavations.

They have been used in coal mines in Australia and Wyoming, gold mines in Nevada, iron excavations in South Africa and copper mines in Chile. It can carry 400 tons of loads at maximum speed of 65 km/h. It weighs 225 tons; it’s 15 meters long, 7.5 meters high and has a wheel base that is over 6.5 meters wide. The bed has a volume of 34 m3. When fully loaded it has a total weight of 624 tons. The price is something about $ 3 million.

It is powered by one enormous diesel engine which has 3650 HP, but it’s not used for running the truck itself. Instead it is used to power 2 electric motors which are located in the rear axles. It is using AC which is more efficient than DC and used in conventional trucks.

There are only 75 of these trucks sold each year, because the market for them is so small and specialized. Diesel engine was built by Detroit Diesel and Cummins. Electric motors, drive system and electric controls were designed by Siemens and tires were made by joint efforts of Michelin and Bridgestone.

The biggest problem with this truck which is big as a house is how to stop it. Constructors have installed an electric brake which can create more that 6000 HP of retarding effort using electric motors. It also has conventional brakes, but they are used only in case of emergency because considering the load and the weight, the conventional break can easily overheat and break.

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