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The Biggest Waves in the World

Here you can read about the biggest waves in the world. The biggest wave in the world is located in Oahu North Shore. This wave is considered the deadliest wave in the world. It is called “Pipeline”.

The Deadliest Waves in the World

Pipeline has already taken many lives. This wave may be the most dangerous wave in the world, but it is very popular and people come to see the wave during the whole year.

Ghost Trees is the name of another big wave. It is located in Northern California. This wave took several lives. Surfers are attracted by this wave, but they know how dangerous it is.

Mavericks is located in California, in Half Moon Bay. This wave is not only strong and deadly, but there are also white sharks in there!

Teahupoo is located in Tahiti. The wave is known for its heaviness. If you look at this wave, you will see a breath-taking image. The ocean looks like it is folded.

Waimea is located in Oahu North Shore. This wave is very big and it is very dangerous, too. Surfers love to come here, but they are very careful. According to one of the pro surfers, Waimea is literally black when you are underwater.

Shipstern Bluff is another big wave. This wave can only be ridden by skilful surfers. However, they are very careful with it. This wave is very dangerous.

Dungeons is located in Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. However, it has its death zone – the Dungeons. This wave can be accessed by using a boat. Even then, you must be very careful!

Cyclops is located in Western Australia. Cyclops can be accessed by using a boat, but even then, you must be careful!

Ours is another powerful and fast wave. It is located in Australia. You should never ever go there to surf! Never!

New Smyrna is not as dangerous as the previous waves. However, there is a reason for telling you more about this wave. New Smyrna is well known for its sharks. Many shark attacks have happened here. New Smyrna is great for fishing, but there are still many sharks. They are attracted by the fish, too, so you should be very careful. Bull sharks are very common in New Smyrna.

If you like surfing, these waves can look quite attractive if you see them on TV. However, you should not try surfing there. These waves are beautiful, but they are deadly.

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